How to Increase Your Social Security Monthly Income by 20%

Did you know that there are certain periods of time where retirees shouldn’t claim their social security benefits? An article on MarketWatch provides a good summary of a session given by William Meyer, author of “Social Security Strategies”.

In that summary, Meyer defines these periods of time as ‘rat holes’ of which all retirees should be aware of and avoid in order to receive better benefits and ultimately, more money.  For example, “Individuals born between 1943 and 1954 shImageould never claim benefits between the ages of 62 and one month through 63 and 11 months, nor should they claim benefits between 65 and five months through 67 and seven months.” Meyer also gave an example in his session where a person claimed benefits at 62 years of age, just before the ‘rat hole’ which resulted in 20% more in monthly income.

So as you can see, deciding on when to claim your social security benefits during retirement is a bit more complicated than “should I take them now or later?” In order to receive the most benefit, you’ll want to do you research.

At Integrated Insurance Concepts, we can help you with that research. We have the material and calculators needed to help you make informed decisions in dealing with Social Security. We can make sure you stay clear of those ‘rat holes’ and more. Contact me at for more information.

By Doug McMurry, Owner of Integrated Insurance Concepts in Arizona

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By Doug McMurry, Owner of Integrated Insurance Concepts, LLC